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Preview: Tiguan Well Worth The Wait
Nov. 10, 2007

Preview: Tiguan Well Worth The Wait
VW's handsome yet bold Tiguan. Click on images for larger views.

It seems like it's taking forever for the Tiguan to arrive.

By the time Volkswagen's compact SUV goes on sale in mid-2008, it will have been over two years since the automaker first hinted it was coming (see our February 2006 news story
Concept Previews VW's Small SUV).

However, judging by the photos and info on these pages, the fabulous Tiguan looks to be well worth the wait.

The Tiguan slots into the marketplace above the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V but below the BMW X3, somewhat on par with the Acura RDX. The VW is as much about luxury and comfort amenities as it is about driving off-
road, where it is expected to out-handle the competition.

The Tiguan's price belies its upscale pedigree, starting at an extremely competitive $22,490 US and $27,575 CDN.

Another area where the Tiguan distances itself from the competition is under the hood — with an expected 140-horsepower four-cylinder diesel. This fuel miser is sure to be a hit in this day of ever-rising pump prices. The other engine option, and likely the most affordable and more popular one, is the gas 2.0-liter 200-horse turbo four-cylinder found in other Volkswagen products.

The gas engine will arrive first with the diesel expected at least a year later.

More engines are planned for Europe including VW's award-winning twin-charger, a small-displacement 1.4-liter four-cylinder that is supercharged for low-end grunt and turbocharged for top end, balancing good horsepower (150) with good fuel economy. Hopefully North America gets this amazing engine soon.

Preview: Tiguan Well Worth The Wait
The Tiguan boasts sleek lines and muscular swells on the fenders and hood.

Vehicle Type Sport-utility vehicle,
front- or all-wheel-drive
Price Range Starting at $22,490 (US),
$27,575 (CDN)
June 2008

Engines I4, 2.0-liter,

I4, 2.0-liter diesel,
Transmissions Six-speed manual

Six-speed automatic
with manumatic shifting
Power is put to the ground through a manual or automatic transmission, both six-speeds, and through either front- or all-wheel drive. The latter is the latest generation of VW's 4Motion system.

There are two versions of the Tiguan — urban-friendly and off-road-ready — with a key difference being the front bumper's approach angle (18 and 28 degrees, respectively). North America gets the urban dweller.

Style-wise, the Tiguan appears powerful, even standing still, with sleek lines and muscular swells on the fenders and hood. The swoopy headlights, taillights and grille flow with the body. Clear ovals in the taillights have become a stylish VW family trait.

It appears as though another family trait, the monster chrome grille, was passed up for the Tiguan. A definite good thing in our eyes.

The interior is unmistakably Volkswagen with gauges, knobs, buttons and other controls similar to other models.
Preview: Tiguan Well Worth The Wait
The Tiguan's cockpit
The dual-circle vents are unique and look
fabulous. Options include a touch-screen navigation system and large panoramic sunroof with powered shade screen that stretches over both rows of seats.

The Tiguan is VW's first compact SUV, a little brother for the Touareg. Like the Touareg in 2003, the Tiguan is arriving late to the party — small SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and others have been around for 10 years and have already gone through several revisions.

This is of little consequence, however, as the Tiguan has so much that is fresh and exciting going for it — including eye-catching good looks, high luxury content, diesel power and competitive pricing.

Volkswagen is set to build 120,000 a year at its factory in hometown Wolfsburg, Germany. Over 40,000 are destined for the United States and Canada.

Stay tuned to VolksWatch for all the latest photos and info. The wait continues but we're getting much closer...

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