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First Look! Passat Coupe!
Dec. 7, 2007

First Look! Passat Coupe!
Images from a recently launched teaser website. Click on images for larger views.

VolksWatch has captured these images of Volkswagen's upcoming Passat-based coupe from a recently launched teaser website.

In this new automotive world of crossovers galore, the vehicle is more a sedan than a coupe as it has four doors. However, the bold styling of a coupe is clearly evident — with a low-slung roof and pronounced character lines.

Dynamic best describes the details, with angular windswept rearview mirrors, wrap-around taillights, and muscular shoulders through the door tops that become broad and dramatic as they flow into the rear fenders.

This is a marked departure from other recent Volkswagen designs, save for the sharp-looking Tiguan.

Positioned between the current Passat and high-luxury Phaeton, this vehicle is expected to come to market with nothing less than a VR6 engine worth 280 horsepower or more. Europe will likely get various other engines, including four-cylinders and diesels.

The car will likely turn up at auto shows over the next few months and hit European dealerships as early as summer 2008. A North American intro is likely for 2009.

Visit the German teaser website here:

First Look! Passat Coupe!
Panoramic sunroof

First Look! Passat Coupe!
Angular windswept rearview mirror

First Look! Passat Coupe!
Muscular shoulders through the door tops that become...

First Look! Passat Coupe!
...broad and dramatic as they flow into the rear fenders and wrap-around taillights.

First Look! Passat Coupe!
Trunk lid

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