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VW Worldwide Sales Up, USA Flat
Feb. 4, 2008

VW Worldwide Sales Up, USA Flat
Rabbit sales were strong in '07. Click on image for larger view.

In the big picture, Volkswagen sold a record number of vehicles worldwide in 2007, up 7.8 percent over 2006.

In the smaller pictures, for VolksWatch's North American target audience, VW had flat sales in the United States and a third consecutive increase in Canada.

VW sold 3.7-million vehicles worldwide with big gains in Brazil (up 32.4 percent), central and eastern Europe (up 29.7 percent), and China (up 24.5 percent).

Sales were down 9.1 percent in the automaker's home market of Germany. Shame, shame!

United States: Flat Sales
Volkswagen's sales in the USA were basically flat in 2007, down just 1.9 percent over 2006.

They totaled 230,572 versus 235,140 the year before.

Models that saw increases were the Eos (up 275.5 percent), Rabbit (up 119.2 percent) and GTI (up just 0.2 percent).

Models that saw decreases were the New Beetle (down 11.6 percent), Passat (down 31.4 percent), Touareg (down 13.3 percent) and Jetta (down 4.2 percent).

VolksWatch predicts another year of flat sales for 2008. Several brand-new models will be launched — including the Tiguan SUV, Routan minivan and Passat CC luxury car — however, any positive effect on sales likely won't be felt until 2009. A new TDI diesel for the Jetta could buoy sales of this model but, again, probably not until '09.

Canada: Third Year Of Sales Increases
Volkswagen Canada is celebrating a third consecutive year of sales increases — finding owners for 36,909 VWs in 2007, a 5.1-percent increase over 2006.

The good news is the City Jetta and City Golf, which are essentially low-priced previous-generation models with updated styling, experienced big boosts of 250 and 381.1 percent, respectively. (VolksWatch will bring you an update on these Canada-only City models later this month.)

The bad news is these increases more than likely took away from sales of the regular Jetta (down 43.2 percent) and Passat (down 16.8 percent). Touareg sales were also down (by 4.4 percent) while the Eos (up 169.4 percent), Rabbit (up 52.6 percent), GTI (up 15.7 percent) and New Beetle (up 6.4 percent) were on the positive side.

The Rabbit's strong showing both in Canada and the United States is a testament to how great of a value this model is. In Canada it held its own against the City Golf, which wasn't so much the case for the Jetta versus the City Jetta.

The Rabbit is an even bigger bang for the buck this year — with an updated 170-horse five-cylinder.

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