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VW Brings To Life Talking Microbus
May 6, 2009

VW Brings To Life Talking Microbus
Max the talking bug has a new friend, Bus the talking bus.

Remember Max, the talking 1964 Beetle?

You can refresh your memory here:
VW Launches New Ad Campaign.

Well, he has a friend now — a 1963 Microbus named Bus.

And, yes, Bus talks, too.

The introduction of Bus, voiced by Sideways actor Thomas Haden Church, is part of Meet The Volkswagens, the latest in the automaker's Das Auto advertising campaign.

Through a collection of 30-second TV spots to run over eight weeks, Max and Bus discuss things like mileage, fuel efficiency, safety and cost of ownership, and how VWs excel at these over the competition.

The TV spots direct viewers to Facebook, where VW has set up a nifty fan page (see

We're not sure what VW's ad agency has been smoking — but it must be potent if now two 1960s flower-power vehicles are talking to them.

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