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Routan Sales Slow, Production Halted
April 23, 2009

Routan Sales Slow, Production Halted
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Things are not looking good for Volkswagen's Routan — which hasn't even been on the market for a year.

Of the 22,037 minivans produced, only 5,582 have been sold. This is a sad and pathetic 25 percent. This is 16,455 Routans sitting on dealership lots.

Sales are so slow that Volkswagen stopped the assembly line in December and has no definite plans for a restart. It was hoped for June but will likely be much later.

The economy swirling down the toilet is not helping — and Chrysler, which builds the vans for VW in Windsor, Ontario, is arguably suffering the worst of all automakers.

"We launched the Routan at the worst possible moment," VW Of America CEO Stefan Jacoby told Automotive News.

Another factor could be that Volkswagen consumers are just not warming up to a rebadged American minivan.

For some background info and photos on the Routan, follow the links below.

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